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Dyslexia Nigeria is the leading African provider of courses, certifications and resources to identify and support individuals with dyslexia.

We are trusted by educators, parents and employers from various institutions including:

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Highly relevant course!  The trainer's deep education and teaching experience helped me navigate common challenges I face with identifying and supporting dyslexia in my classroom.

The training was detailed and thorough.  Dr Tikolo expanded each aspect and gave relevant examples.  I thought my classroom was inclusive until I took this training.

I never realised the complexity of my son's learning challenges until I understood dyslexia more through this course.  I feel more empowered emotionally, just knowing dyslexia is common and there are strategies that can help.

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About Dyslexia Nigeria

Dyslexia Nigeria envisions a world where individuals with dyslexia can attain their full potential.  We work through three pillars to create an environment where individuals with dyslexia can thrive:



Disseminate knowledge and create awareness.



Facilitate stakeholder dialogue, foster collaboration and partnership.



Build capacity through identification and support services, training and resources.

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